What are snake dreams about?

Snakes are animals that have strong emotional connotations. We tend to think of snakes as cunning and sneaky. This symbol is identified by words like anaconda, serpent, viper, etc.

Snakes in dreams is a relatively uncommon dream symbol, occuring in about 1.7% of dreams. That's about 1 out of every 60 dreams.

What are the major highlights of snake dreams?

Snakes is a normal dream symbol. Having snakes in a dream changes the dream in the same way as most other dream symbols.

Snake dreams seem to lack places or locations

Dreams of snakes frequently do not mention places or locations. The dream may or may not take place in varying locations. But dreams of snakes simply do not mention the location, places, or settings occuring within the dream. Other symbols that are like this include beetles, tiktok, tyrants, menstruation, frogs, pregnancy, roaches, babies, ants, and dating.

Snake dreams are very social

Dreams of snakes contain more characters than most other dream symbols. While dreams are often about other people and social relationships, dreams of snakes are especially related to having lots of characters. Other symbols that are like this include pets, general family, creatures, hosts, spiders, friends, dolls, spirits, dragons, and coworkers.

Snake dreams focus on sounds

Dreams of snakes have more words related to sounds than 90% of all other dream symbols. In other words, snake dreams involve the auditory world. They focus on sounds and hearing. Other symbols that are like this include Portugal, sexuals acts, Joe Biden, nazis, hairdressers, roosters, masturbation, buffaloes, compensation, and ovations.

How does the dream symbol of snakes affect the different aspects of a dream?

Explore different elements related to dreams of snakes

Who is in snakes dreams?

Overall, dreams with snakes are much more related to characters in dreams. Specifically, dreams of snakes are much more related to animals and more related to insects than dreams in general. They are much less related to different roles, less related to fantastic beings, and much less related to distant people.


much more than usual


more than usual

Different roles

much less than usual

Fantastic beings

less than usual

Distant people

much less than usual

Close people

less than usual


less than usual

Romantic partners

less than usual
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What are the emotions in snakes dreams?

Overall, dreams with snakes are less related to emotions in dreams. Specifically, dreams of snakes are more related to fear than dreams in general. They are less related to happiness, much less related to sadness, and less related to grief and sorrow.


less than usual


much less than usual

Grief and sorrow

less than usual


much less than usual


much less than usual


more than usual


less than usual


less than usual


less than usual


less than usual
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Who is in snakes dreams?

Overall, dreams with snakes are much less related to places in dreams. Specifically, dreams of snakes are less related to home, much less related to work, and much less related to human places.


less than usual


much less than usual

Human places

much less than usual


much less than usual

Natural places

less than usual

Magical places

less than usual
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What happens in snakes dreams?

Overall, dreams with snakes are much less related to events in dreams. Specifically, dreams of snakes are much less related to friendly interactions, less related to sex, and less related to disasters.

Aggressive interactions

the same as usual

Friendly interactions

much less than usual


less than usual


less than usual
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How do snakes in dreams related to other dream phenomenon?

Overall, dreams with snakes are much less related to dream events in dreams. Specifically, dreams of snakes are less related to lucid dreams, less related to nightmares, and less related to recurring dreams.

Lucid dreams

less than usual


less than usual

Recurring dreams

less than usual

Recurring nightmares

the same as usual

Sleep paralysis

less than usual


less than usual

Waking life

less than usual
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How do snakes in dreams related the senses?

Overall, dreams with snakes are much less related to senses in dreams. Specifically, dreams of snakes are much less related to hearing, less related to smelling, and less related to taste.


much less than usual


less than usual


less than usual


less than usual


the same as usual
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How can you make sense of snakes in dreams?

Snake dreams are relatively uncommon. Among other things snake dreams are normally interconnect, lack places or locations, very social, and focus on sounds.

Do you think this is true for your dream of snakes? How might your dream of snakes be different?

All dreams have meaning

You can gain insight from thinking about any dream, no matter how strange. Only you, as the dreamer, have final say on what your dream may or may not mean. Each dream is unique.

Look for the differences

The DreamWell dictionary provides information on how each dream symbol appears in dreams in general. Finding how experience snakes in dreams can be a key to understanding its meaning.

Return to the feelings

Our emotions in dreams can help us understand its meaning. Pay attention to how you felt in the dream. Pay attention to how you feel about snakes in dreams. See how you feel about snakes now, in your waking life.

What are possible meanings for dreams of snakes?

Interpreting dreams about snakes depends primarily on your associations with snakes and how snakes are used in the dream-story. The variations run the gamut. To some people, snakes are feared and loathed. Just the thought of a snake makes their skin crawl. To others, snakes are symbols of temptation and evil. To still others, snakes are associated with good health, virility, transformation, and the presence or blessing of God.

These associations form the basis of dream symbolism. The process of making associations can be as simple as whatever comes to mind first in relation to a snake. If I say “snake,” you say “____?”

The snake is an enigmatic dream symbol that can’t be interpreted using pat definitions. Instead, dig into the story and analyze.

How a snake is presented in your dream and how you react to it gives you a good idea of what it symbolizes. Is the snake dangerous, or just chillin’? Do you run in terror at the sight of it, or play with it? What role does the snake have in the dream-story, and what actions, if any, does it take? Where is the snake encountered and who, if anyone, is with you?

Begin with a common use of snake symbolism. Snakes are known for being venomous, and as symbolism snakes can describe venomous people and situations. For example, venomous people poison your thoughts or feelings. They’re a bad influence and say things that hurt; they’re “mean as a snake.” They strike and lash out. They’re reptilian in their approach to life, only looking out for themselves. Everyday comparisons between people and venomous snakes are common, so for dreams it’s an easy connection to make. See: Venom

If that’s how the symbolism is used in your dream, you’ll see it in the dream-story. The snake will be a venomous variety. It will bite and inject venom, or you will fear that happening. If the snake is not venomous, does not strike out, does not bite or provoke fear, then it’s probably not related to the symbolism of venom. See: Injecting

Dreams make comparisons based on your personal associations, and fear is a common association with snakes. They can symbolize anything that you fear: people, places, situations—or just the idea of something, such as speaking in public or health problems. If you fear it, a dangerous snake can symbolize it. The idea can be stretched from here to Mars. For example, fear of getting into trouble, of failing a test, or of losing something you love can be symbolized as fear of a snake. See: Fear

But if you don’t fear snakes, then they’re not likely to be used in your dreams to symbolize fear. Or if the snake is not a killer, then you have nothing to fear. Of course, some people fear any snake, so again, it depends on you and how you react to snakes in general and specifically to the snakes in your dreams.

If you dream about overcoming fear of a snake, it’s a strong indicator of overcoming a fear of snakes or some other fear symbolized by them.

Another word that sums up a situation with a snake is “danger.” This use of the symbolism is especially likely in scenarios where a snake rattles, or the situation is dangerous.

A snake blocking your path can symbolize an obstacle to getting to where you want to be in life.

Constricting situations in life are comparable to the killing method of boa constrictors and pythons. You feel suffocated, such as by a relationship, expectation, or duty. Something has a hold on you and won’t let go. The life is squeezed out of you. Situations in the work world can feel like a noose around the neck as the demands of the job sap the life out of you. People can become “ensnared” in all sorts of ways. See: Strangling

However, dreams are clever and varied with how they use symbolism. A constrictor snake can symbolize the need to loosen up. You’re wrapped too tightly.

A snake wrapped around the neck can describe a restricted airway while asleep, or poor blood circulation. A snake wrapped around a limb of the body can be a way of visualizing the sensation of a limb that’s “dead” because you fell asleep on it.

Snakes are known for attacking out of the blue. They can lie still and hidden for hours waiting for lunch to wander past. This characteristic of snakes can describe people and situations, too. Some people lie in wait for an opportunity to attack. Situations can be fraught with potential for danger summed up in the image of a snake waiting to attack. See: Ambushing, Attacking

Picture how a snake eats. It engulfs, opens its mouth and swallows whole. Imagine the possibilities for how that image can be used as symbolism. A relationship can engulf. A job can be all-consuming. An addiction or desire can encompass a person’s life. See: Devouring

In the story of the Garden of Eden, a snake tempts Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. It symbolizes humans’ separation from nature and natural instincts, and has evolved as a general symbol of temptation and evil. That association can be used for a snake to symbolize Shadow. See: Shadows

But wait, snakes aren’t all bad!

The possibilities covered so far are all negative, but snakes are marvelous creatures that have many positive associations that can be used as symbolism.

Snakes live in the ground and that closeness to the Earth creates a strong association with nature. Nature is associated with wisdom, fertility, and instincts. Snakes are used in rituals to bless crops for a good harvest and bless people with fertility and health. Cultural associations play a strong role in dream symbolism, especially with snakes because of the broad spectrum of perceptions and associations from culture to culture. See: The earth

Snakes are connected with nature, which goes through cycles, and with renewal and health. When you’re ill, sometimes the best medicine is to listen closely to your body and give it what it needs. Snakes are highly sensitive to their environment and sense the slightest vibrations. That sensitivity can be used to create associations with sensitivity to the subtle signs and signals from your body.

Women thinking about starting a family are known to dream about snakes; in particular, green snakes. The color green is associated with nature and fertility. A green snake in a tree is a particularly strong indicator because trees are also associated with families. See: Trees

The color of a snake can be a modifier that defines the symbolism. See: Colors

A snakebite, especially a bite on the wrist or hand, is known to be associated with a call from inside a person to “shed your skin” and transform. The idea extends further to include the need to take action. The hand is used to take action, so a bite to the hand can be a reminder or warning to act while you can. This use of the symbolism extends to any situation where a snake strikes. For more ideas, see: Bite.

Snakes are used on the Rod of Asclepius, which is the basis of the caduceus, a symbol associated with medicine. The good-health associations stem from a snake’s ability to renew itself by shedding its skin. This idea has strong connections also with personal development and the psyche, because “shedding your skin” means letting go of the old to allow something new to emerge.

Another very positive association exists between snakes and kundalini. Kundalini is an energy that rises out of the hips, travels up the spine, and emerges out of the forehead or crown of the head to connect with the “upper realm.” It’s visualized as two snakes intertwined and traveling up the spine. A snake emerging from the head is a symbol of deep insight and enlightenment.

The long, cylindrical shape of snakes creates an association with the penis. The association is easily stretched to include males in general. “All men are snakes,” a frustrated woman says. Taken further, snakes are associated with everything about men and masculinity, positive and negative.

As with all symbolism, look at the action to determine the meaning. If the snake crawls up your leg under your pants, it might be a phallic symbol. But if the snake is on a rock sunning itself, it might symbolize something “warming up,” as in “warming up to the idea.”

See also: Biting, Cages, Colors, Devouring, Evil, Injecting, Reptile, Shadows, Skin, Strangling, Venom

This interpretation is from ""The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings" and is provided by J.M. DeBord aka "RadOwl". He is the author of several acclaimed books about dreaming, the host of The Dreams That Shape Us podcast, and is a moderator of r/Dreams, one of the largest dream sharing communities on the internet.

Examples of dreams of snakes

Read some real dream reports of snake dreams.. These real life dream reports come from the moderated dream sharing communities of Reddit including r/Dreams, r/Nightmares, r/DreamInterpretation, or r/thisdreamihad. Please note that some of these may contain graphic, sexual, or violent images and text. Use the source link for each dream to view and join the discussion of each one.

What does it mean to dream of two snakes?

One black and one was white. They looked like cobras, with hoods..

They were chasing us (my brother and i) and then my brother picked me up and carried me because he was faster.. the cobras caught up but I wasn't scared of them and told my brother they wouldn't bite.. they would lift themselves up to touch the bottom of my feet. Could see them very clearly, identical but one black and one white.. does this mean anything ?

One black and one was white. They looked like cobras, with hoods..

They were chasing us (my brother and i) and then my brother picked me up and carried me...

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Strange dream last night - chased by a giant hostile Dark Souls boss kind of worm thing. What does it mean?

This dream was in what I like to call “video game perspective” - where I am watching something happen but also controlling a specific “character” in the dream. Sometimes it can feel like this even in first person perspective, where I am somehow disconnected from being the person, even if I am the person, not watching a screen or using a controller.

So in the dream there was this giant worm creature. It wasn’t really a worm, more wormlike, as in it was oblong and had no limbs and wasn’t reptilian enough to be a snake. First it chased me through a corridor (this was in the perspective of a 2d sidescroller video game) trying to I think eat me or at least somehow kill me and I ran from it and it would smash stuff behind me. Sometimes I was really close to being caught by it but I managed to get ahead. Then I got into a chamber place (it was more in first person now) and it was at the bottom of some stairs. When I would go down the stairs there were smaller worm things that would attack me. I felt like I was struggling with fighting the worms and I thought I was not strong or skilled enough to fight the big worm.

When I am awake and I think about the worm it reminds me most of a Dark Souls boss since it was very strong and big and it was sort of eldritch horror-like. Through the whole dream I was scared of the worm and I felt like I was not strong enough to fight it but I was progressing forward anyways. I also was fighting it in some sort of ruin, like ruined stonework everywhere and stuff. The closest I can describe the ruin as is maybe the Arbiter’s Grounds dungeon from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but not as dark.

This dream was in what I like to call “video game perspective” - where I am watching something happen but also controlling a specific “character” in the dream....

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Dream about transforming into a literal monster

So within this dream, I was in a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Against my will I would transform into some kind of monster, I think it was part snake amongst other features (but being part snake seemed to be what came up), and be responsible for several deaths. I was never arrested, but mobs of people would come for me to either shout me down or ask a multitude of questions, or to just gawk at the monster.
This left me terrified to leave my house. I would hear people outside and just hide under the sheets. Then someone came in to check something (think that they were a technician or something) and they gave me some reassurance, can't remember what they said though.

So yeah. That was very odd. Any ideas what this could mean?

So within this dream, I was in a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Against my will I would transform into some kind of monster, I think it was part snake amongst other...

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Can someone help interpret this dream?

Hi guys, I'm fairly new to all of this. Had a dream just now which I felt compelled to write down and went on here because I'm not sure what to make of it. I would gladly appreciate any takes on it.

I dreamt that I woke up during the middle of the night in some room located on the highest floor of the building. The door to the room was ajar and outside was the open air and a flight of stairs leading downwards.

On the stairs were animals, mostly dogs and cats, but at one a point a snake appeared. I recalled feeling scared that the others would get eaten by the snake but it simply came and went just like that.

I looked up towards the night sky and saw the moon being covered by some clouds which gradually passed by to reveal the view of a full moon. I entered back into the room and started feeling vertigo because I had an acute fear of heights and standing on the highest floor of the building with the outside view exposed was...yea. It felt as if the floor beneath me could collapse at any moment.

At the same time, there was also another feeling surfacing in me. As I fell down to the floor to try and regain my balance I started to feel 'ok' with it all. Even though my heart was beating quickly there was this sense of surrender to what was going on.

One side of the walls was made of completely transparent windows. Through it I could see the city and all the people walking around. For a moment I experienced this distinct feeling of oneness with everything else around me, as if I could feel the cosmic web that connected everything with each other.

Hi guys, I'm fairly new to all of this. Had a dream just now which I felt compelled to write down and went on here because I'm not sure what to make of it. I...

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Looking for opinions and thoughts on this Nightmare.

So, I'll describe the dream with the brief details and little narrative that I remember. No matter how strange

So I remember being in some kind of large house which was an orphanage? Or something of the sort, for some reason that old cartoon, fosters home for imaginary friends comes to mind.
I remember a lot of random children being there, I didn't recognise any of them.
I was an authority in this house, as I remember helping some of the kids and they were asking me things etc etc. (only mundane everyday things).
Anyways, a bit 'later' two little girls were starting to complain about a boy, he was a bit older than the both of them. He was abusing them and being really nasty to them.
When I went to confront him I remember catching him trying to bite the arm of the little girl(I'm not sure if he actually managed to take a chunk or not). His mouth was opened extremely wide like a snakes. At which point the dream quickly devolved into a nightmare, I chased off this little boy, but he was suddenly some kind of monster(demon?).

I chased it out of the house that I don't recall the layout of into the back garden which I immediately recognised as my fathers garden. At which point my brother appeared in the upstairs window shouting ''You have to get the 'Gremlin' out!''.

As I was approaching this monster, the little boys face and form were in a constant state of shift. Had black eyes and a cavernous black mouth. Eventually turning into some sort of dog. As I got closer the monster dog was trying to escape, I remember using some sort of superhuman strength to knock something over to block it's path at which point it lunged at me. That's when I woke up.

I was super creeped out for a while after waking up but, I'm not sure what to make of it!
The details I remember most are the black eyes and mouth/weird face on the monster.

Any opinions are welcome!

So, I'll describe the dream with the brief details and little narrative that I remember. No matter how strange

So I remember being in some kind of large...

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