What are home dreams about?

Home is a special place. It is a place that, for most of us, feels secure and safe. It is where we go to sleep and spend a lot of our time. This symbol is identified by words like where I live, my apartment, my place, etc.

Home in dreams is a frequent dream symbol, occuring in about 16% of dreams. That's about 1 out of every 6 dreams.

What are the major highlights of home dreams?

Home is a very interconnected dream symbol. Having home in a dream substantially changes the nature of the dream.

Home dreams are about family

Dreams of home are more related to family than 90% of all other symbols. In other words, dreaming of home will increase your chances of dreaming of a family member. Other symbols that are like this include back doors, cancer, vacations, my children, guest rooms, Congo, bankruptcy, abusing, houses, and ancestors.

What are the symbols that help define home?

The symbol of home in dreams is highly related to lodging.

How does the dream symbol of home affect the different aspects of a dream?

Explore different elements related to dreams of home

Who is in home dreams?

Overall, dreams with home are aren't really related to characters in dreams. Specifically, dreams of home are more related to close people, much more related to family, and more related to romantic partners than dreams in general. They are less related to different roles and less related to fantastic beings.


the same as usual


the same as usual

Different roles

less than usual

Fantastic beings

less than usual

Distant people

the same as usual

Close people

more than usual


much more than usual

Romantic partners

more than usual
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What are the emotions in home dreams?

Overall, dreams with home are more related to emotions in dreams. Specifically, dreams of home


the same as usual


the same as usual

Grief and sorrow

the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual
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Who is in home dreams?

Overall, dreams with home are much more related to places in dreams. Specifically, dreams of home are more related to work and more related to transportation than dreams in general. They are much less related to home, less related to natural places, and less related to magical places.


much more than usual


more than usual

Human places

the same as usual


more than usual

Natural places

less than usual

Magical places

less than usual
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What happens in home dreams?

Overall, dreams with home are aren't really related to events in dreams. Specifically, dreams of home

Aggressive interactions

the same as usual

Friendly interactions

the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual
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How do home in dreams related to other dream phenomenon?

Overall, dreams with home are more related to dream events in dreams. Specifically, dreams of home are more related to nightmares, more related to sleeping, and more related to waking life than dreams in general. They are less related to lucid dreams.

Lucid dreams

less than usual


more than usual

Recurring dreams

the same as usual

Recurring nightmares

the same as usual

Sleep paralysis

the same as usual


more than usual

Waking life

more than usual
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How do home in dreams related the senses?

Overall, dreams with home are aren't really related to senses in dreams. Specifically, dreams of home


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual


the same as usual
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How can you make sense of home in dreams?

Home dreams are frequent. Among other things home dreams are very postively interconnected and family oriented.

Do you think this is true for your dream of home? How might your dream of home be different?

All dreams have meaning

You can gain insight from thinking about any dream, no matter how strange. Only you, as the dreamer, have final say on what your dream may or may not mean. Each dream is unique.

Look for the differences

The DreamWell dictionary provides information on how each dream symbol appears in dreams in general. Finding how experience home in dreams can be a key to understanding its meaning.

Return to the feelings

Our emotions in dreams can help us understand its meaning. Pay attention to how you felt in the dream. Pay attention to how you feel about home in dreams. See how you feel about home now, in your waking life.

What are possible meanings for dreams of home?

Home is one of the most common dream settings, which makes sense considering how much time the average person spends at home and the ways it closely ties together with the life you build for yourself, both physically and psychologically.

Home is where the heart is. Home is where you invest your emotional resources. Home is where you are comfortable, loved, accepted, nourished, connected. Home is wherever you want to be, which is not necessarily the physical place where you reside. It’s a metaphor, and dreams love to use metaphors.

Home is the life you build for yourself, represented as a building. You “construct” your life, and your life has areas and divisions like rooms, floors, and walls. See: Buildings

Of course, when a dream wants to address something that is happening at home—your literal home, not a figurative one—it can use the place where you live as the setting.

However, when a dream presents a place as home but it’s not the place where you live or have ever lived, you know it has to be symbolism. The details about the home and the story involving it reveal the meaning.

Dreaming about living in warm, cozy home can mean you’re in a good place in your life. Living in a cold, drafty home can symbolize being in a bad place in your life.

Inviting someone into your home can symbolize a new friendship. On the other hand, keeping someone out of your home can symbolize trying to keep someone out of your life. See: Doors

References to returning home can symbolize the desire to be in a good place in your life. This theme pops up most frequently in the dreams of people who are unhappy, unstable, or disconnected from their roots, or who are starting a family and wish to create for their children the same sort of happy home they grew up in—or avoid recreating their unhappy childhood home.

Returning to your childhood home can symbolize revisiting the past in search of the roots of something affecting you in the present. The childhood home is where patterns form, ideas take root, and the foundation of your character and personality are molded. See: Childhood homes

The idea of returning to a place in life that’s been left behind carries over to dreams about homes or places where you used to live as an adult. For example, if you were depressed while living in a certain place and sense depression coming back again, you can dream about it as revisiting that place where you used to live. The same idea applies to returning to places you lived where you felt happy, loved, comfortable, and so on.

When you dream about places where you used to live, think of the overarching themes and big picture of that time of life and what that place means to you. For example, a man has recurring dreams featuring the first place where he lived after leaving college, a setting his dreams use whenever they want to refer to the decisions he made that form the basis of his career.

Home is where your mind is. In that sense, home is your head. “You” see out of your eyes, and your eyes are in your head. When people are asked where their consciousness or soul resides in their body, the most common answer is that it’s right behind the eyes or forehead. See: Attics

A home can symbolize the mind’s structures and layers. The roof or attic represents the highest layer of the mind, the thought centers. The ground level represents feelings, and lower levels represent emotions, instincts, and stored memories. Farther down are the base layers, such as your hereditary roots and the collective unconscious. Carl Jung said that a home can represent “the Self,” the complete picture of the person you are, even the parts that are unrealized or unconscious. See: Attics, Basements, Collective unconscious

This stretching of the definition leads to interesting symbolism. For example, feeling harmonized with yourself and calm can be depicted as living in a peaceful garden or on a beautiful stretch of beach. Turmoil can be depicted in a dream as a house battered by a storm. A mind “in the gutter” can be depicted as a sewer or garbage dump. Living in the clouds can symbolize detachment from reality.

A home can symbolize your body. Areas and features of a home can symbolize areas of the body, such as plumbing to represent the bowels, windows to represent the eyes, and electrical circuits to represent the nervous system. See: Body parts

A home collapsing or falling apart can symbolize illness—your house, your body, is in disrepair, or your life is in disarray. See: Illness

A home-improvement-store setting in a dream can be used to tell a story about making improvements to your body through exercise, diet, and beautification. For example, a man dreams about battling another man, someone overweight, up and down the aisles of a home-improvement store. The dreamer shoots a mixer tong at the man and knocks him down, then comes over to finish him off with a grilling fork. The man asks for a last request, to be fed meatballs from a can lying nearby. The dreamer agrees.

The dream is about the dreamer’s struggle to lose weight. He’s dieting and thoughts about food are taking over his mind. The man he battles is the part of himself that wants to eat freely, and the home-improvement store setting is perfect for telling a story about improving his body.

Finding new or secret rooms in your home is an analogy for discovering new aspects of yourself, or opening up new areas of your life. You are changing. Changes in you or your life can be symbolized by remodeling a home, constructing new rooms, or buying a new home. For example, a person makes big changes by quitting an addiction and joining a spiritual community. He dreams about adding a new room onto his home, representing this new phase of life. Then temptation to return to a former lifestyle creeps in, and he dreams about a storm buffeting the home. See: Discovering

Dreams about something invading a home can symbolize difficulties, problems, or other sorts of disruptions to your peace of mind or your routine. It can symbolize invasion of privacy. See: Back doors

Locking doors and windows can mean you want to keep someone or something out of your life. See: Doors

Rats or roaches in a home can symbolize a decrepit emotional life, or living in squalor. See: Rats, Roaches

Snakes or spiders getting into a home can symbolize bad influence or someone bringing personal problems into your space. For example, your troubled child gets involved with the wrong crowd and you suspect he or she is hiding drugs in his or her room. See: Snakes, Spiders

Robbers breaking into your home can symbolize loss of privacy, or insecurity—especially material insecurity—or the feeling that you’re being robbed of something immaterial, such as robbed of opportunity or energy. See: Burglary, Thieves

Intruders in your home can symbolize loss of privacy, or anything else that feels intrusive. An intruder can represent an illness or virus that invades the body. See: Intruders

A dream about a home destroyed or in ruins can symbolize a breakup, divorce, or other situation that breaks up a family or disrupts a living situation. See: Family

A vacant house can symbolize missing the comforts of home. It can symbolize a time of life you miss, especially the people who were part of it, and related feelings. It can symbolize something you vacated or gave up, such as a long-term project or a plan for your life. A house isn’t built overnight, and neither is whatever is symbolized by a vacant house.

An empty house or building can symbolize feeling lonely and empty. See: Emptiness

See also: Attics, Yards, Barns, Basements, Body parts, Buildings, Burglary, Castles, Childhood homes, Chimneys, Collective unconscious, Colors, Constructing, Destruction, Dinner, Discovering, Doors, Egos, Elderly people, Emptiness, Fences, Fires, Garages, Ghosts, Illness, Intruders, Kitchens, Neighbors, Psyches, Rats, Roaches, Snakes, Spiders, Thieves, Trees, Trespassing, Wallets

This interpretation is from ""The Dream Interpretation Dictionary: Symbols, Signs, and Meanings" and is provided by J.M. DeBord aka "RadOwl". He is the author of several acclaimed books about dreaming, the host of The Dreams That Shape Us podcast, and is a moderator of r/Dreams, one of the largest dream sharing communities on the internet.

Examples of dreams of home

Read some real dream reports of home dreams.. These real life dream reports come from the moderated dream sharing communities of Reddit including r/Dreams, r/Nightmares, r/DreamInterpretation, or r/thisdreamihad. Please note that some of these may contain graphic, sexual, or violent images and text. Use the source link for each dream to view and join the discussion of each one.

NSFW Weird Dream

I (F21) had a dream 2 nights ago that I had a dick for a science experiment. I did the helicopter thing and then I started to jack off but then it broke so I had to go back to the lab and they gave me disappointed looks. I went back home and then I woke up when I opened the door.

I (F21) had a dream 2 nights ago that I had a dick for a science experiment. I did the helicopter thing and then I started to jack off but then it broke so I...

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I just had a dream that felt years long, and now I don't know whats real.

Sorry for the confusing title but I just woke up and felt like I needed to post this somewhere to see if anyone has ever had a similar experience to this.

Okay, so my dream started out with me meeting a girl. She was amazing, and we had an instant connection. we started dating and went through the normal highs and lows of a relationship, as all couples do. Overall, our relationship was amazing so when we found out she was pregnant, even though we were young we were both so excited to be parents. Her parents lived nearby and offered to let us move in so they could help with the pregnancy and we could both stay in college. The next nine months seemed to fly by, and the pregnancy seemed easier than it should have been. I chalked it up to the fact that my girlfriend was an amazing strong woman and that her parents were there to help us out.

Now this is when things begin to get weird. I don't know why, but i was not with my girlfriend when she was at the hospital giving birth. I had something else to do even though being with her should have been my first priority. After she returned home she called me to let me know we had a son and to come over immediately. It was odd that I wasn't there in the first place, and even odder that even in the dream, I couldn't remember what I had just been doing. It was almost as if I blacked out, and when I came to, I was in the car driving home to see my new son. I shook it off and told myself I was just nervous to be a dad. As I was driving, I suddenly didn't know where I was. I had lived here for 9 months, but for the life of me I couldn't remember how to get home. It felt like I was driving around lost for hours and then, as if I blacked out again, I was outside home being greeted by my girlfriends' parents as I walked up to the house. The strange thing was that the house didn't seem familiar, and neither did my girlfriend's parents.

Throughout all of this, I never questioned it and kept telling myself that I was just nervous and I was freaking myself out. Maybe I just needed to sit down for a minute and breath. I never even made it to the house, I just sat down on the steps leading up to the door and tried to calm myself down. I pulled out my phone and had a text message from an unknown number. I assumed it was a text from someone congratulating me and my girlfriend, but when I opened it, it was just an image of three 20 something year old boys who I had never seen. I was confused, but something about the picture seemed oddly familiar, so I just sat there and stared at it. As I sat on the porch staring at the photo the world went silent. I never heard a baby crying and never once did anyone try to retrieve me from outside to bring me in. It was almost as if everything in the world disappeared besides me and that photo.

I must have spent days staring at that picture, and finally I decided to text the number back and ask who they were and why they sent me that photo. I wrote out the text and hit send and suddenly the picture went blurry. I looked around and nothing in the world seemed real anymore. Nothing seemed familiar. I felt like I was in a place I had never seen before. I looked back down at my phone and the blurriness of the photo began to clear up and I was left looking at a photo of me, my real-life brother, and my real-life best friend, standing in my real-life backyard. I stopped for a second, coming to the realization that everything was over. I immediately tried to run into the house to see my son but the second I opened the door to the house, I woke up.

My first instinct when I woke up was the check my phone for the photo but of course it wasn't there. The only thing on my phone was a text from my real girlfriend. he weird thing is, I can no longer picture my dream girlfriend's face, so for all I know, it could have been my real girlfriend. As I finish writing this, the dream is beginning to fade, and I can realize all the things that didn't make sense, but while I was in it, I would have bet anything it was real. I feel as if I just got a few years of my life back, as I woke up the same 22-year-old who went to bed the night bore.

My only regret? I never got to see my son.

Sorry for the confusing title but I just woke up and felt like I needed to post this somewhere to see if anyone has ever had a similar experience to...

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Lived 23 years in a dream

Not sure if this goes here or not...

First, some details. I am a 22 yr old American Male. Currently, I serve in the Marine Corps. In April of 2019, I had what can only be described as a hyper-realistic dream. So much so that it feels more like a legitimate memory than a dream.

It starts off with me waking up the following day and going about my daily routine. Slowly but surely, day after day passes. Eventually, I get out (3 weeks left) and go to college. I propose to my girlfriend of 8 years and get married the following year. 9 months later I have a son, Timothy (Tim) Roger. One of the happiest times of my life. During this time, President Trump gets reelected in 2020. I'm going to school and working as a Lyft driver. With my VA benefits, things are at least moderately comfortable. My now wife works a small part time job as well. About 2 years later and we are expecting again. This time twins. My children Johnathan (John) Matthew and Gracelyn (Grace) Marie are born. By this time I'm finishing up my degree with only 1 semester left. We eventually save up enough to get out of our 2 bedroom apartment and make a down payment on a nice 4 bedroom house using the VA home loan. Election time is rolling around. I finish school and become a pastor. Day after day goes by. Eventually Tim graduates high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps like I did. When he graduates boot camp I admittedly tear up. John graduates with honors and gets accepted into a mechanic trade school. Grace, against what her mother and I advice, gets married immediately after graduation. Being good parents, we accept her decision and I walk her down the isle on her wedding day. Months later, I become a granddad. Holding my grandson for the first time is equal to holding my child for the first time. A year later, in 2042, my daughter is expecting her second child. One day, when she is 7 months pregnant, I go to sleep and wake up wake up. Imagine my surprise when I'm in my twenties and its 2019 again. I never felt such loss before. Realizing my family I had didn't exist. sorry for the length.

Not sure if this goes here or not...

First, some details. I am a 22 yr old American Male. Currently, I serve in the Marine Corps. In April of 2019, I had what...

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I lived inside a dream so long I killed myself

I went through such a long period in a dream it was so hard. In the dream I was a stay at home dad and my wife was a journalist. She had been investigating gangs in a prison. At one point point a riot had broken out and the leader of a gang was willing to do an interview during a transport. During this one of the gangs had a prison break plan, and my wife was in the middle, during which she was shot in the stomach. My consciousness was teleported there while gun fire rained down around us. She died in my arms. The following weeks after the funeral her parents wanted custody of our daughter because I refused that it was real. I would say things like “ill wake up soon” and “you cant take my anchor to this world” when it was all said and done I lost. So I hung myself from the balcony of the stairwell. As soon as I began to slip in and out of death I saw myself sleeping in a bed and I screamed “WAKE UP, PLEASE WAKE UP. THIS ISN’T REAL” when I woke up I scrambled into my kids room to make sure she was there. I called my wife to ask if she was ok and begged her to come home. To this day that still haunts me and causes me to not want to sleep.

I went through such a long period in a dream it was so hard. In the dream I was a stay at home dad and my wife was a journalist. She had been investigating...

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Just woke up feeling so guilty :(

Such a bad dream. I was at the river, there was an event going on with a ton of people. A kid came up to me and showed me their guinea pig, which I played with for a while. Then I had to leave and the kid traded for their pet tarantula. As I held it, I just thought it was the cutest thing ever. When I got home I put it in the aquarium (where another tarantula lived but for some reason I thought my bf had let it out to wander around? Idk). Then I realized both tarantulas were now in the aquarium and I felt a sudden panic, cause I knew my bf's tarantula was hungry. Before I could save the new spider the other one was doing her happy dance (that she does after she eats) and she attacked. I watched in horror as she killed the other one. They didnt even fight, she just pounced and sunk her fangs into it :( at one point they were both wandering around and I was like oh thank god, I gotta get it out. Then it was as if she had dialogue and I could hear her say, I thought I killed you, and knock the other one down and "stab" it with her fangs. I just thinking omg I'm gonna have to replace this kids spider.

Anyway then I woke up feeling horrible and uneasy. There was more to the dream, including a large man stealing a lot of stuff from the people at the river, and when I told him "fuck you" he said a really funny comeback about me not being fuckable. I wish I could remember it exactly.

Thanks for reading, just wanted to jot this down lol

Such a bad dream. I was at the river, there was an event going on with a ton of people. A kid came up to me and showed me their guinea pig, which I played with...

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